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Bijolia is situated on southern side of Rajasthan and belongs to Bhilwara District. The town is famous for its temples, forts, arts and architecture. During the Chauhan period Bijolia was formerly known as Vindhyavali. Bijolia was once ruled by the Parmara Rajput. Even during Chauhan Times Bijolia is well known for its art and architecture, over a period of time the city lost some of its temples but still didn't lost its charm and provide a satisfying tourism. You can find 3 Monuments protected by Archaeological Survey of India in Bijolia- Mahakalsaz and two other temples, rock inscription in Jain temple and rock inscription in Bijolia Paraswanath Jain temple.

Bijolia fort is located on Chittorgarh and Bundi Road. In the vincity of fort there is an old Shiv temple and in the same temple there is finely carved arch which leads to beautiful Ganesh idol. Beside this the temple is surrounded by hundreds of small sculptures and lingas, that's the reason why the temple is also known with the name “Hajaresvara". Near this temple there is holy tank- Mandakani kund. You can find number of Jain mandir in Bijolia, Shri Digamber Jain Paraswanath Atishay Kshetra is located on the bank of River Rewa, this place have world largest ancient inscriptions. This place houses two scared pillars and one temple of Ganadher parmeshthi. If you are visiting Bijolia you can't miss Mandakini temple, Hajaresvara temple, Paraswanath temple, Maa Vidhyavasini Shaktipith and Bani ke Balaji.

Sri Umda Packers and Movers Bijolia elatedly can state that in these 15 years of working we never failed in providing satisfied moving and packing services to our customers. Our moving families will widen, cities will change but our service's will remain the same, that quality and efforts since our incorporation won't fall on any ground. We have established some standards which will provide our team a base line which they have to attain while delivering any move no matter whether it's a door to door services or packing services, household or cooperate shifting, pet and plant or vehicle relocation we help in tip to toe moving services. Our promising and dedicated team have gone with required training and acquired years of experience, so they can easily achieve the motto of “maximum satisfaction” out of the move. With the change in demand and trend, we try to update and change our equipment, technology and knowhow. Every move have its own flaws and that's why understanding one's move is crucial and we achieve that through pre move survey, where we examine various moving factors and define a plan to achieve the move on time, safely and efficiently.

1. Household Shifting: Your cherished possession require excellent and dedicated team for handling them during a move, so they can deliver to your new home with zero % of damage and breakage. For making your move perfect we execute your work within systematic shifting system where everything will be packed in quality goods, carefully load them into moving truck, use updated equipment for easing the process, use moving vehicle with Gps so to update you with real time tracking. For providing you with best services we carry out in house survey where we examine your moving requirements and various moving factors so with better understanding we can provide you better.

2. Warehousing and Storage Facility: Whatever why and wherefore you got whether moving overseas or renovating your office, Sri Umda Packers and Movers got home like storage units where your goods will be handled by excellent team and store in units which are fire and leak proof, spacious, properly maintained, clean and hygienic, under required temperature, 24/7 under watch and well gated. Once we pack your goods in quality packing material and store it in a designated place, our team will record the entry in books and physically verify it on daily basis.

3. Pet and Plant Relocation: Do you know how hard and annoying relocation phase is for your pet and only you can ease that but how is the question, well don't worry Sri Umda Packers and Movers Bijolia helped hundred of pet owners in safely relocation of their little buddy. They got a team of experts who not only well versed with the documentation, paperwork and compliance one has to fulfil while relocation their buddy but also make sure your pet comfort during transportation through properly ventilated, spacious and comfy pet carriage. For keeping your pet composed during and after relocation we will also help you with some tips and hacks.

For damage and breakage free relocation your plant needs something special like specially designed plant carriers which Sri Umda Packers and Movers uses for their plant relocation services, this carriers not only provide safety to your plants but keep them separate, fixed and comfortable during the whole process.

4. Loading and Unloading: If you think loading and unloading is all about putting an stuff in designated place then you are wrong, it's about how well, carefully and efficiently you move stuffs in desired place. Sri Umda Packers and Movers professionals with coordination and harmonization try to complete a loading and unloading so they are able to make injury and breakage free move. They are able to achieve required level of uniformity in work with hours of training, so feel relaxed when you trust us with your goods.

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