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Dungarpur was found by Rawal Veer Singh the eldest son of the Mewar Ruler, Karan Singh. This fastest growing city of southern Rajasthan got it's named after assassination of an Independent Bhil Chieftain Dungaria. Dungarpur is quite dry area but milder hot than other Rajasthan Regions. Dungarpur is known for its Green Marble which is found in the foothills of Aravalli range and for its incredible Architecture style of Palaces and Royal home.

Places you need to visit in Dungarpur are Udai Bilas palace, it is build with bluish grey stones called Pareva and it is named after Maharawal Udai Singh II. It's a symbol of Rajputi Architecture style and detailed design on balcony, windows and arches. Juna Mahal it is build on high platform from Pareva stones. This planned old palace has fortified walls, watchtowers, corridors and narrow doorways to delay the attack of enemy. For this palace you can say don't judge book by its cover, the interior is totally game changer it is home of beautiful paintings, delicate glass, mirror work and miniature paintings. Badal Mahal is situated on the banks of Gaib Sagar, made with Pareva Stones. This Mahal comprise of one veranda and three domes and the whole style is a blend of Mughals and Rajputs styles. Bhuvaneshwar is a famous shiv temple located 9km from the Dungarpur, this temple build on naturally formed shivaling on top of the mountain. Surpur temple located on the bank of gandi river, is an ancient shrine, this surrounds the attractions like Bhulbulaiya, Hathiyon ki Agad, Madhavrai temple and other insoections. Vijay Raj Rajeshwar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati and a symbol of fine architecture. It is situated on the bank of Gaib Sagar. Nagfanji is a jain shrine which attracts devotees from all over the world. This habited the statues of Nagfanji Parashwanatha, Dharnendra and Devi Padmawati. Kshetrapal temple is an ancient 200 years old temple, dedicated to the lord Bhairav and surrounded by small temple of goddess Laxmi, Lord Ganpati, Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman.

Sri Umda Packers and Movers Dungarpur stands on lead when it comes to long haul and dexterity, we are able to provide satisfactory and complete packing and moving services to our customers for these 15 years and we can proudly states that we have perfectly achieved our aim of providing a maximum satisfaction in services and consistency in quality without a fall. For maintaining our quality and consistency, we have set up standards for our team who seek to provide their services under those parameters. We brought a tailor made systematic shifting services which includes tip to toe moving services and our promising and dedicated team will make sure that every service are delivered to you flawlessly.

1. Household Shifting: Household shifting, territory which is field with varieties of surprises and goods, thus this territory needs knowledgeable and experienced team for safe moving, as a home owner you can't agree less on this, right! That's why Sri Umda Packers and Movers got competent and trained team who are not only trained well but well aware from the different scenarios appearing during the move. We got high quality packing material, well maintained equipment and competent team who make a perfect recipe for delightful move.

2. Corporate Move: Prefect move demands perfect services and we, Sri Umda Packers and Movers Dungarpur brought a credible and skilled team who are working with us for a decade and gather due experience as well as knowledge, which we require for executing any move perfectly. For delivering a productive corporate move we work under a systematic shifting approach where we carefully handle and pack your assets using right material and right equipment and safely and timely deliver it to your doorsteps. We got owned moving trucks with installed GPS tracker. Our team will coordinate with yours and define a strategic plan where your needs and expectation from move will be duly considered and achieved effectively and efficiently. For making a rhythm in the move one of our team member will look over the whole moving process and try to keep the coordination in team.

3. Loading and Unloading: Coordination is the Ice breaker when it comes to job involving two people-moving and lifting of goods, loading a goods everywhere you require coordination otherwise either you will break the goods or your ankle. We understand how it's importance and to apply it into a practice we trained our team together so they can tune together and make the things right.

4. Storage and Warehousing Services: Your search for secure, safe and spacious storage unit ends here, moving long distance, renovating your office or downsizing your home whatever your reason is Sri Umda Packers and Movers got your back, with the ample amount of space plenty of facilities like fire proof, leak proof, 24/7 under watch, well gated, reliable staffs, systematic inventory listing, clean and hygienic, properly maintained and convenient to access units we are able to provide you with the best storage and Removal services. Not only house owners we assist corporate houses to we provide various assistance related to import and export.

5. Car Transportation: Sri Umda Packers and Movers use car carriers for transporting your precious car anywhere in India. These car carriers make the process of moving timely, easy and convenient. Our operational team will firstly pack your car in packing material and carefully load it into car carrier and deliver it to your doorstep safely and securely.

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