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Hurda town falls in Hurda tehsil of Bhilwara District and division of Ajmer. It is 72 km away from Bhilwara. Aguncha, Kothiya and Bojras are the nearby villages and Shapura, Beawar, Nasirabad and Bhilwara are some of the nearby cities. Hurda is surrounded by Masooda Tehsil from West, Bhinay from North, Asind from east and Shahapura from south. You can find both railways and roadways in Hurda for Railways you can choose from Gulabpura and Bijaynagar railway Station and for bus station you can choose Hurda, Gulabpura Roadways, Khera bus station, bus stop bari, Agucha Rajasthan Bus stop and Shambhugrah bus station.

Sri Umda Packers and Movers are from top reliable moving companies in Rajasthan. We drive for providing maximum satisfaction to our customer with our services and for these 15 years we can proudly say that we have achieved it without any error. Due to our competent and proficient team who are trained in a way to complete every task in a set standard. When we carry out your moving process we will try to keep your goods as well as the property you are moving in and out safe and damage free. We provide tailor made services to our customers, also we provide shared as well as private moving truck, which are our owned. While carrying out your move we will apply various tips and trick, use updated moving equipment and technology so to provide you uncompromised and perfect moving services.

1. Household Shifting: What are the factors you worry most about while shifting from one location to another, that goods should be safe and the property we are moving in and moving out should not be damaged during the process. Sri Umda Packers and Movers got the companion who are not only competent but also have required technology, packing material and knowledge, which can secure your goods during the process and make the process smooth and breakage free. We got tailor made service's for you, so you can select as per your need and requirement. We provide the best services in economical price without compromising quality with any single task, we bought quality packing material and boxes, we got well maintained equipment and latest technology, we got trained and experienced team who will carry out your job excellently. Your move will be design in such way so to achieve your moving expectation effectively and efficiently. Your job will be carried out under a supervision so to achieve a set standard and our team will try every trick and tip to make your move as awesome as possible.

2. Storage and Warehousing: We put lots of effort and thought’s when we wanna purchase anything for our house or for our office, we can't put our money in vain and that's why we go for that much research so, to choose the best. When we go for that much effort and time While buying it, then how can we handover them to a place where we are not sure about, exactly that's why Sri Umda Packers and Movers Hurda make sure that your precious possession will be safe under their space by providing you with the ample amount of space in storage and warehousing, proper ventilated, leak and dust proof, proper temperature, well gated, 24/7 under observation and convenient to access. For cooperate houses we even help them in meeting their storage and moving requirement related to the export and Import cases.

3. International Move: Say yes! To perfection by getting assistance from competence, knowledgeable and reliable Packers and Movers team, Sri Umda Packers and Movers have trained their team so they can skilfully carry out any move, got required knowledge related to the prevailing norms and compliance one has to follow when moving to other country. With our uncompromised services we can assure you the safe and flawless International Move.

4. Corporate Moving: We need good techniques, vehicles and competent team for a perfect and smart move. Sri Umda Packers and Movers got a team who harmonised their effort to complete any job perfectly, they are trained together so to tune together in a work, accumulated required experience and knowledge so to complete a flawless move, which we can't ignore in corporate move. Before we begin we firstly try to understand your expectations from the move so we can work on it together and plan it together, we will set up a face to face meet with your team define the plan and then execute it perfectly. While we carefully load your Assets and make sure that your assets are delivered to you in the safe state.

5. Loading and Unloading: There is three stages which can make a good move a bad one- loading and unloading, moving uncertainties and packing, a little unevenness in balance can lead to damage of property, a low quality packing material can lead to damage of goods and moving uncertainties can be a risk on every item. We give a due care to every single step involve in moving so to facilitate you favourable move. We have trained our team to tune together during the process because coordination is the biggest asset for achieving a satisfying move and we want to ace it.

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