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Phooliyan Kalan is a small town fall in Ajmer Division, Shahpura Tehsil and Bhilwara District. It is 20 km far from Shahpura, 70 km away from its District and 176 km away from its capital. The town is surrounded by Tehsil kekri from East, Hurda and Banera tehsil from West and Bhinay from North. Dhanop, Dohariya, Balapura, Hukampura are nearby villages and Bhillwara, Nasirabad Shahpura and Todaraisingh are nearby cities.

You can find number of temples in Phooliyan Kalan like Beedke Balaji, it's a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman surrounded by Nature this beautiful temple is a nice and peaceful chilling spot for families. Runwal Sati Mata Temple, Shree Nathji Temple, Shree Laxminathji Temple and Gatodji Temple are some of the temple near Phooliyan Kalan.

Sri Umda Packers and Movers Phooliyan Kalanare working in 60 cities of Rajasthan and satisfied thousands of customer in these 15 year of Journey. For achieving a constant level of excellence in services and quality as long as we work in these industry we have develeoped a certain yardstick which will help our partner in achieving desired standards in each and every move, no matter then it's householdor corporate, pet or plant, long distance or local move, bike or car moving our motto won't is fixed for all. We work in a systematic shifting approach so make every move a satisfying move and here are some of the options you can choose while moving:

1. Household Shifting: Sri Umda Packers and Movers Phooliyan Kalan is a channel between customer and dedicated moving team, who are trying to provide an excellent moving experience to their customer. Our reliable and experienced team will pack your each and every item in a standard quality packing material and boxes carefully load it into a moving truck and safely deliver it to your doorstep. For your cherished possession you need special care and trained team, and to satisfy both we got a team who are not only experienced but educated well with required know how so to achieve a flawless move which satisfy our moving standards.

2. Local Shifting: Local move or long distance both are same for us, an assignment and responsibility which we have to achieve without any error and negligence. When you trust us with your goods it becomes our duty and liability to deliver you with the services you expect out of us. Whether it's a local move or long distance move our foremost step will be to carry out a pre move survey where we evaluate various moving factors like potential deviations, varieties of services and goods involve so we can formulate a plan which help us in achieving them all in an organized manner. Your precious goods will be packed in quality materials and boxes, will be handled by experienced team and shifted through moving vehicle with Gps tracker so to provide you with excellent services. Mostly Local shifting cost depends on 3 things - volume of goods, special services and trips to make for completing a job.

3. Pet and Plant Relocation: Relocating phase is a beginning of new life and changes, your everyday will be change you will see new faces, meet new people, will live in new location, new space but what do you think will your little buddy be comfortable to this change, when moving is inevitable it's our responsibility to make him acquainted with the new changes easily and comfortably, it will not be easy but Sri Umda Packers and Movers professionals will make it less tough for you, with the help of our team and services we will make sure your pet is comfortable through out the process, we got pet carriage which is not only comfy and properly ventilated but also roomy enough to house your pet as well as his cherished toy or blanket. Our team will help you out in documentation and paperwork involve while shifting a pet from one location to another. Our pet shifting is not limited to travel by road we even arrange airlines in case of need.

Sri Umda Packers and Movers have brought a plant carrier which is specially designed for shifting your plant safely from one location to another. Your treasured plants need special care and attention and these carriers will help us out by separating them from other goods, keeping them fixed in one place and comfortable through out the process.

4. Loading and Unloading: Loading and Unloading, hearing this word what comes to your mind- job involved picking and placement of goods from one location to another right, but no that's not right if it's that simple then why do we require professional for this work, in actual loading and unloading is about how well, carefully and efficiently one can move goods from one location to another we, Sri Umda Packers and Movers Phooliyan Kalan have trained their team with required lifting techniques, hacks and know- how so, when they perform moving job they can not only secure your goods safety but also secure a safe move for the themselves too. Our aim while serving loading and uploading job is to deliver the goods in the state we have handled from the beginning and for making that possible we can't only rely on good packing your goods need more to save them from damages, it demands careful handling and coordination in management and placement of goods. Also to leave no room for error in our work our dedicated team will apply various moving hacks and tricks while doing a job.

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