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Maharaja Rao Jodha of Rathore clan, who are not only founded Jodhpur but conquered large area of northern Rajasthan, but Maharaja Rao Jodha’s first son wantes to have his own Kingdom, so Rao Bika founded Bikaner around 1488. Even after situated on Thar Desert Bikaner was used to be known as Oasis on trade route between Gujarat and Central Asia, as it has enough spring water.

The Bikaner is famous for Bikaneri Bhujia which is famous all over the world. If you are visiting a city you can't miss- Junagarh Fort which was build by Raja Rai Singh around 1594 CE. Formerly fort is known as Chintamani, it is one of the fort in Rajasthan which is build on a plain with an average elevation of 230m. The fort is a home of temples, grand palaces and huge walls and pavallions. Bhandasar Jain temple it is known for its ornamented mirror work, frescoes and leaf paintings. This temple was build using red stones and have beautiful paintings of sanctum and mandapaon walls and pillar, it was build on 15th century by Bhandasa Oswal. Laxminath Temple, one of the oldest temple of Bikaner, builds by Maharaja Roa Lunkaran. It's just 4 km away from Junagarh fort. It is devoted to the Lord Vishnu and goddess Laxmi. Laxmi Niwas Palace this was a residential palace of Maharajah Ganga Singh, it was designed by the British architect on 1902, in Indo- Saracenic style. Mukam Bishnoi temple it is located near Nokha, it's a holy place of Bishnoi’s followers and place where Guru Jambeshwar soul lies. Karni Mata Temple or Rat temple is situated 30 km far from Bikaner. This temple is devoted to the karni mata which is believed to be the incarnation of Goddess Durga. The local says that creatures running around are not Rats but the Kaabe, the incarnation of human who were devotees of Goddess.

Sri Umda Packers and Movers Bikaner can proudly say that for these 15 years they are able to provide satisfied moving and packing services to their customers. Our moving families will grow, cities will change but our service's will be remain same, that quality and that efforts won't fall on any cause. We work under set standards which act as a quality check for our team, it's a parameter that we must have to attain during our any service whether door to door services, household, cooperate, packing only, pet and plant relocation etc. We got promising and dedicated team who will try their best in their job. With the required training and 15 years of experience it becomes easily possible to achieve what we drive for“maximum satisfaction” out of the move. With the change in demand, we try to change and update our knowledge, equipment and technology. Every move is different and for better understanding of one's move, we set up a home survey where we will visit your home from where you wanna move your goods, look for potential hindrance, see is the type of goods you wanna move the volume and specialty and then we plan moving plan accordingly, also in house survey helps us in estimating a right and correct cost for your move.

1. Household Shifting: We got proficienct and excellent team who will execute your move in a systematic shifting system so to achieve a satisfactory result. We have tailored our services on current demands and trends. Sri Umda Packers and Movers got a competent and experienced team who are trained well to handle any kind of moving scenarios effectively and efficiently. We will plan your move after getting an overview and try to provide you with the best by applying relevant moving tricks and tips.

2. Household Shifting: We can't give undue importance to any factor involve in moving when we are talking about Cooperate move, the whole business efficiency and working will get affected if their is slight change in the quality and scheduled plans. We got a systematic shifting approach for every job to make any complicated task a simpler and smooth one. Sri Umda Packers and Movers Bikaner got reliable, trained and skilled team who not only handle your product with due care but also make sure it will be delivered to you in the state you have handed over to us. We got owned moving vehicle with supported GPS system for timely reporting on shipment. Everything will be done under a set criteria and a planned we prepared with your manager and IT team. We got best supplies, equipment and technology to help you out in achieving a great cooperate relocation.

3. Household Shifting: Wanna invest in something can you do it blindly? No! Then how you can put your goods to a place where you are not sure about. That's why while selecting a storage and warehouse facility for your goods you must give attention to the reliability, security and safety option. Sri Umda Packers and Movers are working in line for 15 years and got warehouse and Storage Facility where you can find ample space, properly maintained and hygienic, fire and leak proof, under controlled temperature, 24/7 under watch, well gated and easy to access to units. Also if you are business owner and looking for exporting and importing requirements you can contact them they help in all.

4. Household Shifting: Moving is much harder for our pet friend as it is for us and for saving your little buddy from relocation nausea we got some tips and tricks plus some good services we got roomy, comfy and properly ventilated which can keep them safe and comfortable during the process, also we suggest you to put their favourite toy as well as any favourite thing they like so to keep them balance and composed during the transit.

Also we are supplied with necessary equipment and materials for relocating your plant safely from one location to another without any damage.

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