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Bundi is a city which is situated in Hadoti region, the land of Hada Rajputs of Rajasthan. Some stone age tools around 5000 to 200000 years were found in Bhundi as well as In Bhilwara. Bundi was conquered by Rao Deva Singh from Meena's. This is the first step of setting up the Hadoti. The town Bundi takes it's name after Bando naal. The town of Bundi is curl up in the cleft of Aravalli Range. The special gothic flavour of the town is still untouched by the time.

You can find number of places to visit in Bundi- Shikar Burj, is one of the well known tourist place. This is old hunting cottage situated near Sukh Mahal. Now Sikhar burj is converted into a picnic spot, where you can relax and have fun with the family. Chhatrpalace, chhatr means paintings and that name arrived due to the beautiful murals on its walls. Chitrashala was opened in chhatr by the order of Umeed Singh. Badal Mahal or the palace of clouds is situated within Garh palace. The enchanting walls of palace depict the influence of Chinese culture. It is must to visit palace of Bundi where you can see mesmerising architecture. Sukh Mahal is a two storied summer palace which is famous because of novel “Kim" as inspired from the beauty of Bundi Kipling wrote Kim and even shot some part of movie here. Kshar Bagor Saar bagh is the house of memorial cenotaphs of royal family. Dabhai Kundh or Jail kundh is a inverted pyramid shaped, with such a fantastic cravings on steps it's one of it's kind of Bundi. Lake Jait Sagar this mesmerising lake is Encircled by hills and covered with lotus flowers. Lake Nawal Sagar, this artificial lake has the half submerged temple from where you can see the reflections of nearby palaces and forts. Phool sagar is an artificial lake on the property of royal family, it got its name from the palace near it. If you wanna visit the palace make sure to take a special permission.

Sri Umda Packers and Movers focus on providing a service which furnishes maximum satisfaction to their customer in terms of services and Quality. We got a team who not only hold experience of years in job but have gone through the required training for supplying with a satisfied job and we can proudly say that we are successfully meeting our target for all this 15 years. We don't compromise in work and that's why we hire competent and knowledgeable persons, who are trained well, inspired from knowledge gain on field, no matter whether it's household, corporate, vehicle or pet and plant they are well versed with all. We don't forget to keep up with the changing technology so to provide the best to our customer. We have developed certain ways and tricks to handle a complicated and uneasy task easily and effectively.

1. Household Shifting: Moving soon but couldn't find tailor made services? Then you are at a right door, Sri Umda Packers and Movers Bundi provide tailor made systematic shifting services, which can be door to door, moving exotic pet, only loading and unloading or only packing, different client demand different service's but we try to fit in it perfectly, securely and safely. Our proficient team will make sure that the job will be done within set standard and time frame. With the use of quality products, updated techniques and well maintained equipment we will secure the safety of goods and property we are moving in and out.

2. Storage and Warehousing: What you do when you are thinking for big investment, you research, search for best and look is that safe and secure and then go for it, invested that much effort, time and stress then tell me can you put your asset at anywhere, off course no, then how can we neglect the safety and security when we wanna store your goods for a period of time. Sri Umda Packers and Movers Bundi got required amenities for storing any type of goods whether household or cooperate safely and comfortably for shorter or longer duration. They have properly maintained, hygienic, easy to access, 24/7 under watch, fire proof, well gated and under proper temperature. Also we assist business owners in various storage services related to export and import.

3. Loading and Unloading: Coordination is must when more than one person is involve in one task, now whether it's lifting, moving, loading or unloading. A uniformity in work will not only save your goods but can save someone from any injury while carrying out the process. Sri Umda Packers and Movers Bundi, got years of experience and trained their team together so they can tune and work together and make the best of loading and unloading of goods.

4. Corporate Moving: A great team can take your business to a new height. For any business a great team is must and we can't agree to this anymore. We got a team who are not only competent but skilful who work hard to complete the moving job within the set standards. With the great team we are facing our targets for these 15 years. Sri Umda Packers and Movers partner have gone through a various possible scenarios of move and training so to provide a satisfactory service. Not only on team but we don't compromise with the technology and equipment, we will provide you with uncompromised and satisfying services and design a plan with your team for safe, effective and efficient move.

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