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Udaipur the City of lakes in the state of Rajasthan was founded in 1559, by Maharana Udai Singh, this final capital of Mewar kingdom is located in the fertile circular valley from Girwa to the southwest of nagda, on the Banas River. This region was used to beleading buying and sellingtown of “Ayad" and also served as capital of Mewar for over 200 years, due to which it’s already familiar place for the Chittaud rulers, who moved there whenever Chittaudgadh was threatened by enemy attacks. In the wake of 16thcentury emergence of artillery warfare, Maharana Udai Singh decided to move his capital to more secure place when he was exiled in Kumbhalgadh, as Ayad was flood prone he decided to move near the ridge east of Pinchola Lake, while hunting in the foothills of the Aravalli Range, Maharana Udai Singh met hermit, who blessed him and asked him to build his Palace in that spot, which would be well protected. During 1567, Mughal emperor Akbar attacked and sieged the venerated fort of Chittor,With the time Mughal empire got weakened, the Sisodia Ranas and later Maharana’s who always opposed the Mughal Dominance, claimed their independence and recaptured most of the Mewar except Chittor. Udaipur remained the capital and became princely state for the Britishers, due to Udaipur’s geographical reasons it remained safe from the Mughal influence. At current Maharana Mahendra Singh Mewar is the current symbolic ruler of the city.

British administrator James Tod label Udaipur as the most romantic spot on the continent of India. Udaipur have tourist attraction for its Lakes, history, culture, scenic location and Rajput era places. Due to it sophisticated lake system this city is named as City of Lakes, Udaipur's five major cities- FatehSagar lake, lake Pichola, Swaroop Sagar Lake, Rangsagar and Dhood Talai are included in the National Lake conservation plan of the Government. Not only for mesmerising lakes Udaipur is also recognized for historic Forts, galleries, palaces,museums, natural locations, gardens, architectural temples, as well as traditional fairs and festivals. Apart from the places to see within the Udaipur, there are several charming places around it like – Haldigathi, Kumbhalgadh, Mount Abu, Sita mata wildlife sanctuary, Avri Mata temple, Nathdwara and Eklingji.

Sri Umda Packers and Movers in Udaipur are serving from 15 years and have own network in more than 50+ cities. We have specialised and qualified team of professionals who will handle your goods with due diligence. We got moving vehicle with Gps tracking device to keep you updated with the location status. We understand how valuable one’s possession is for them and try to provide services with utmost safety. We provide tip to toe moving services like

1. Packing and Moving: Sri umda Packers and Movers fatehsagar Udaipur use best quality packing materials and updated moving equipment to provide error and damage free relocation to the customer. We know what kind of goods require what kind of packing material and pack then accordingly and with the help of moving equipment we can move heavy and bulky goods smoothly.

2. Loading and Unloading: Our professionals systematically load the goods into the moving truck and with due care unload it to the destination that is terminal and further from there you can pick up your goods or can avail door to door services.

3. Office Relocation: We got a team who is expert in handling IT equipment and on time delivery to avoid any productivity loss, we plan the relocation in such a way so no business relocation have to face any delay in their work.

4. Insurance Service: We provide insurance services for household move as well as cooperate relocation so to provide extra protection from moving uncertainties.

5. Warehouse and Storage Facility: Storage and warehousing facility comes handy when there is any delay in picking up or delivery or when you are moving temporary then looking for safe and secure space for your goods is essential. Sri Umda Packers and Movers Udaipur have well gated and 24/7 secure storage units, and if you have goods which need particular temperature for storage then don't worry we got it.

6. Car Transportation: Under our more precise care we deliver your car to the destination on time. Based on the size of car we use safety embedded sealed carriers and trails and safely deliver it to destination whether locally or domestically.

7. Pet and Plant Relocation: Pet and plant are sensitive to the changing environment and we know how to handle them do they won't fall, our experts will take care of your pet and plant with the required materials.

8. International Move: Sri Umda Packers and Movers are not only serving domestically but we assist in international move too, we are packed with the team of experts who will handle the paper work and compliance one has to look for while moving intentionally.

9. Bike Shifting: Looking for scratch free bike shifting services then you are at right place. With the right safety embedded bike carries and multiple layer of packaging we are able to deliver your bike in the same condition you have handed over.

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