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The city derived its name from the artificial lake Rajsamand, this lake was created on order of Rana Raj Singh. Whereas other cities are engaged in agriculture this city takes it's richness in mineral resources as a opportunity and became a prime Supplier of Marble, Granite and other stones in all over the India. Majority of Rajsamand population derive it's income by engaging in organized and unorganized mining work. Rajsamand houses inspiring palaces, beautiful lakes and a National park.

Wanna explore rich history and culture of Rajsamand then you can't miss these places- Kumbhalgadh Fort, it's the birthplace of great Mewar king – Maharana Pratap, this fort comes after Chittorgarh in terms of citadel. Rana kumbha build this fort in 15thcentury. This fort is a protector for Mewar rulers during strife, when Banbir preempt the throne, taw fort became a refuge for King Udai of Mewar in his childhood. Mauryas build the array of temples and one of them is cloud Palace or Badal mahal mesmerising in all, you can see breath-taking view of the surrounding from the fort. Rajsamand Lake - the lake was an outcome of dam constructed on Gomati, Tali and Kewal river, it's a huge expanse situated between Kankroli and Rajnagar. The lake was build by Maharana Raj Singh to provide relief to the drought affectedareas and canal irrigation to local farmer. This lake was also used as seaplane base during world war II. Golerao Jain temple, if you are visiting Kumbhalgadh then you can't miss this beautifully crafted temple, which pillars are adorned with goddess and god sculptures on walls and pillars. Neelkhanth Mahadev Temple-this temple have six feet tall shivling made out of stone and have entrance from all 4 direction. Kumbhalgarh wildlife sanctuary going for Udiapur or Kumbhalgarh you can't miss this sanctuary if you love to explore nature. You can find number of endangered species here- jungle cats, hyenas, nilgai, sambhar, chinkara, hares, sloth bears and many more. This sanctuary is not only rich in fauna but in flora also.

Sri Umda Packers and Movers Rajsamand works for the goa- “cities will change but the excellence in qualityand services will not”. We are able to attain this motto for all these 15 years of job and will be counting for more and to achieve this vision we have formulated certainstandards which are operational team will adhere to while performing your job. Our dedicated and reliable team have gone through with necessary training so they can handle any obstruction and deviation arising during one's move. To provide you with satisfying moving experience our team will work hard and use various ways and techniques during the relocation process. To keep the rhythm and uniformity in job, one of our senior member will look over the whole process and team and try to attain the plan we have formulated before within schedule time and standard.

1. Household Shifting: For making your sweet home move safe and secure Sri Umda Packers and Movers acting as a traverse which connect customers with qualified and reliable team. We know Household move is a blend of varieties, which demands associates who are well experienced and trained to handle different scenarios perfectly. Sri Umda Packers and Movers packed with enthusiastic and competent partners who are inspire to provide satisfying moving experience to their each and every customer. They got tailor made moving services so you can select best and suitable. When you are trusting us with your goods you can sit back and relax our trained team will tackle any deviation arising during the move using their experience and knowledge. They will plan your move by duly considering your needs and expectations. For the safety of your goods they even assist you in selecting a right moving insurance.

2. Warehousing and Storage Facility: Moving out of India and can't take or sell every possession? Then look for storage unit which have home like security, ya you heard right home like security and you can get that in Sri Umda Packers and Movers Rajsamand storage units, with the help of operational team they will pack, shift and record your asset in storage units which is- clean and hygienic, voluminous, 24/7 under observation, pest free, well gated, fire proof, leak proof and physical verified once a week. Our team is trained well and know which asset requires which kind of packing and attention. We also provide storage and removal service's to export and import.

3. Corporate Moving: Being a business owner we understand your worries when it comes to your assets that are why Sri Umda Packers and Movers bought you with skilled and experienced team who will work delicately to complete your job on time with zero breakage and damage. For the safety of your precious possessions we got high quality packing material, well maintained equipment, owned moving vehicle and latest technology so to leave no room for delay and damage. Our operational team in coordination with your team will design your move so we can attain the set standard of quality and services with zero loss of productivityand in high efficiency. We use systematic shifting approach for accomplish a plan we formulated for your move in which we will consider your needs and expectation and tackle any deviations flawlessly arising during the move.

4. International Move: Sri Umda Packers and Movers Rajsamand are supported by educated and qualified team who will not only address your queries and moving requirements but also guide you through paperwork and documentation and pack your assets within the prescribed norms and regulation laid down by other countries. To provide you with satisfactory moving experience we have trained our team with the required know- how and different moving ways, who are packed with updated equipment and technology so to leave no room for any error.

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