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Jhunjhunu is an ancient town of Rajasthan which is well known for its engraved architectural styles on Havelis and frescho art around the town, also this town have a major contribution in Natural resources. The ancient copper belt of Khatri, iron ore near Jaonda, Limestone in Khiror- Basawa- Parasrampura area, fluoride near village chappoli, Granite, Marble and soapstone, all these natural resources are found around Jhunjhunu. It is 190 km away from Jaipur the Capital of the state. Rani sati Fair and Ram devji Fair attracts thousands of Pilgrims and tourists from all over the world.

Rani sati Temple is an ancient 400 years old temple located on the hills of Jhunjhunu, other than main temple dedicated to Mata Sati there are many small temples in the complex. Lohargal this holy shrine of Hindus are situated on the hills of Aravali. It is covered with dense forest which gives visitor a view of scenic beauty. It is Birthplace of Bhima and believed that Pandavas came here for bath after their victory from royal battle Mahabharata. Khetri Palace this brilliantly designed palace is known for its frescoes and architecture. Although the monument is now in ruin it still do not fail in attracting numerous tourists and locals. It is also regarded as Wind Palace as this Palace has Larges halls and corridors which have Marble pillars instead of walls so to let free flow of air. Havelis and Forts because of its history Jhunjhunu have numerous havelis and forts. Although these are old, they are still well maintained by its owner or state government. As these forts and havelis have intricate design and excellent Architecture they never fails to attract the tourist’s like Sone Chandiki Haveli, Kanoria, Badalgarh, Zorawargarh, Ganeriwal and Mukundgarh.

Sri Umda Packers and Movers Jhunjhunu are from the top-notch Movers in Rajasthan, who believes in providing the best and satisfactory moving experience to their client and for these 15 years we can proudly say that we haven’t failed in our mission and dedicated to serve you with the same quality years. Our promising experts are trained well so to serve you with wide range of moving and packing services. We got owned moving vehicles which are well maintainedand have Gps tracker, we bought you with latest technology and uncompromised team. We try to understand the moving needs of our customer and plan a move accordingly for accomplishing the desired result and it's the outcome of your trust and our team hard work which help us reaching to the top.

1. Household Shifting: Sri Umda Packers and Movers bought you with promised and dedicated team who work hard to make sure you receive the desired services and will make you forget the word “distressing" when it comes to moving. We try to connect you with trained team who are well experienced and have potential to handle any deviation arising out of move flawlessly. With the systematic shifting ways we will carry out your moving and packing job, we will carry out in-house survey through walk in or video call which help us in getting better understanding of your move, try to provide you with accurate estimate based on the service you avail and volume of goods. Every move is carried out under the supervision of one head member who look over the whole process and make sure things are going on a right direction by eliminating loss of productivity and coordinating the whole process.

2. Warehousing and Storage Facility: Soon moving long distance? Are you searching for a safe and reliable storageplace? Then you are at a right spot Sri Umda Packers and Movers Jhunjhunu got the storage units which are full of niceties- properly hygienic and clean, have ample of space, 24/7 under watch, pest free, well gated, convenient to access and leak and fire proof. For storing your household as well as corporate goods safely our proficient operational team will handle tip to toe Storage and removal services.

3. Loading and Unloading: Sri Umda Packers and Movers Jhunjhunu are able to deliver organized and dependable Loading and Unloading services with the help of competent team and updated moving equipment. Our team will make sure to serve you with scratch and breakage free delivery of goods with on time delivery. We understand that moving is not all about placing goods from one location to another and that's why we work for providing the best out of our job.

4. Insurance Service: Who want Uncertainties enter as an unwanted guest during moving, even after securing moving boxes in quality material with the help of experts the little bitile chances of risk is always there, that's why Sri Umda Packers and Movers suggest Insurance services to their customers.

5. International Move: Moving out of States or out of country you can't compromise with the experience and knowledge of the moving partner, Sri Umda Packers and Movers Jhunjhunu trained their team with the required know how to serve flawless relocation services in any situation. With the right team and right knowledge we will guide you through the whole compliance, procedures and policies involved during the process so you can relax and enjoy the splendid moving experience.

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