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Dholpur or Dhawalpuri was anciently known as Dhavalapuri, it was found by Dholya Nagas and so the city got its name- Dholpur. At the time of princely states it is ruled by Bamraulia Rana Jats. After that Dholpur fall in the hands of Mughals and during 1803, under the rule of British East India company Rana Vanshof Jats became the ruler. Dholpur is surrounded by Bharatpur of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh border from North, karauli district from west, Madhey Pradesh from south and Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh from East.

Mansion of former rulers, Kesarbagh palace is now converted into a Dholpur Military School, it is situated on the Dholpur –Bari Road and 10.5 km away from Dholpur city. City Palace was a former home of Royal family, it was build with red sand stones and habitat the blend of elegance and ancientness. Royal step well is situated behind the Nihaleshwar temple and this is four storey building with beautiful pillars and carved stones. Nihal Tower is 150 feet high tower covered with 12 equal size gates at the bottom. Shergarh Fort this charm of Dholpur is a symbol of rich and delicate architecture style, which is carved with images and statues of Hindi gods and Jain motifs. Machkund is a sacred and ancient place which is located 4km away from main town. Damoh it's one of the main tourist places of Dholpur, this waterfall is dry throughout the year except July to September. Shiv temple, one of the ancient temple of Dholpur witness the large number of pilgrims and devotes on Mahashivratri. Sher Shikar Gurudwara it is one of important and historical place for Sikhism, it is situated near Machkund.

Locations will change but the services will be same, Sri Umda Packers and Movers Dholpur drive for maximum satisfaction and believes that consistency in quality and services won't be affected by the changing in location or cities. We can proudly state that we are able to provide satisfied moving and packing services for all these 15 years. For standardizing the services we have defined and set a standards for our relocation jobs which acts as parameter that our team have to attain while working whether for door to door services, corporate, household, international relocation or pet and plant relocation. We got promising and dedicated team who are trained with the require knowledge. With the changing trend we don't forget to update our equipment and technology and able to deliver you with best and flawless move.

1. Household Shifting: Sri Umda Packers and Movers got tailored made household shifting services where your moving needs will be tackled by proficient and excellent team, in a systematic shifting way so to achieve a satisfactory result. We know household is filled with lots of surprises and for better understanding of one’s move we try to carry out an in house survey where we look for potential obstruction, special type of services and volume of goods you wanna move and try to define a moving plan. With our competent and experienced team we make sure to deliver you with effective and efficient moving experience.

2. Corporate Move: When it comes to Corporate moving Sri Umda Packers and Movers can't take any factor casually, whether it's packing, moving or loading or unloading, the whole business efficiency and productivity will get affected with the slight change in the quality and plan. With the systematic shifting approach for every task we will try to execute your work in the defined plan we have co-ordinately made with your It team and Manager. We got reliable, skilled and experienced team who will make sure timely and safe delivery of goods at the desired location, also while carrying out the task one of our teammate will look over the process and guide the team for attaining a job successfully and in an organized manner.

3. Warehousing and Storage Facility: Moving internationally, downsizing your home or renovating your office whatever the occasion we got your back, Sri Umda Packers and Movers Dholpur are packed with safe and secure storage and Removal services which will preserve your precious memories until you come and receive it. With the smart and affordable ways we are delivering a satisfactory storage services where we will prepare and pack your things, by considering and minding their need like fragile and whites will go a several layer of packaging. With the features like plenty space, credibility, properly maintained, clean and hygienic, fire proof, 24/7 under surveillance, well gated and convenient to access we are able to fulfil requirements of safe and secure units. Our operational team will take care the packing and organizing work and create a inventory of the items so to keep track of everything daily.

4. Pet and Plant Relocation: Moving is much harder for our four leg friend and what more tough is that they can't express in the way we can, so save your little friend from relocation nausea by following Sri Umda Packers and Movers tips and guidance where we will tell you about how to prepare your friend for the move and provide you some good services like roomy, comfy and properly ventilated carriage which will keep sound and comfortable during the Shifting, also there are certain documentations and preparation that pet owner should take care of if you are moving internationally or long distance, which will be guided by us on time for smooth relocation.

Your precious plants need precious care and attention while shifting and to fulfil that we use plant carriers that are particularly made for them and able us to provide damage free plant shifting.

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