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Jalore was formerly noted as Jabalipura, titled after the Hindu saint Maharishi Jabali. The industrialization has helped the Jalore to attain high heights and due to its finest granite it becomes easy to set a plain. The city had ruled by many rulers the Gurjara Pratiharas, the Parmars and the Chauhans but when captured by the Ala-Ud-Din- Khilji the city lost its charm and destroyed badly. It was around 4th century when city attained its glory back by the ruler of Marwar. The city is 489 km away from Jaipur and 140 from Jodhpur.

Topekhana (cannon foundry) was formerly a Sanskrit school founded by Raja Bhoj, being Sanskrit schooler, Raja Bhoj try to radiate education and have founded similar schools in Dhar and Ajmer. It was around pre independence period the school was named as Topekhana because it's a storage house of artillery and ammunition. Today building structure is in despair but still have its charm, there is also two temple along the two sides which do not house any idols now, what still brilliant is Topekhana’s one of the room which is build 10 feet above the floor and have impressive staircase. The famous Jalore Fort is constructed around 8th to 10thcenturies with an imposed architectural style. The fort is situated on top of hill which 336 meters high from ground and offers impeccable view of City. The fort has 4 massive gates, a great fortified wall with cannons mounted on them. Sundha Mata Temple is situated 1220 meter from sea level and houses idol of Chamunda devi made from White Marble. Sirey Mandir build on Kalashachal hill at a height of 646 meter from ground. It is made in a honour of Maharishi Jabali and believedthat Panadavs also took refuge in the temple. Malik's Shah's Mosque is build by Ala-Ud-Din-Khilji in honour of Malik Shah, this mosque style is inspired by Gujarat’s buildings and situated on the centre of City.

Sri Umda Packers and Movers Jalore are running in 60 cities and can audaciously say that in these 15 years of job we never plunge in our motto of furnishing maximum satisfaction out of our services and we will carry on our vision of cities will vary but the consistency won't. How we maintain our uniformity? It's through our dedicated team and standards we have planned. Our team work to meet standards which we have formed for providing a consistency in quality and services. To perform efficient and effective moving services we have developed systematic shifting ways, try to update our technology and equipment with the changing trends, got quality packing material and experienced team. We have trained our team in such a way so they can perform well in various moving situation and provide you with timely and impeccably moving experience.

1. Household Shifting: We can't deny to this fact you wanna master something practice it and attain the perfection. A perfect move demands perfectly experienced and skilled moving and packing team and Sri Umda Packers and Movers creates a bridge which connects customer with the proficient and competent team, who helps them to make every moving experience impeccable as much as possible. Their team work in a systematic shifting way where they seek to accomplish the moving needs and expectation you have discussed with them while defining a moving plan. We know every household move have their own deviations and to complete every move perfectly we have trained our team with the required knowledge and skill services. One of our team mates will look over the whole process while executing your job so we can make sure rhythm are maintain and we are accomplishing the task without delay and deviations.

2. Warehousing and Storage Facility: Soon moving out of states and searching for a secure and safe place for storing your goods? then what are you waiting for Sri Umda Packers and Movers Jalore got the storage units which are full of required amenities, their unit's are clean, have ample of space for your corporate as well as household stuffs, 24/7 under watch, pest free and hygienic, leak and fire proof, well gated and convenient to access. Our proficient operational team will accomplish storage and removal process from packing to checking the inventory state flawlessly.

3. Pet Relocation: Pets are sensitive when it comes to relocation and only support they have is you and their favourite toy. That's why understanding steps on how to help them in adapting to this new situation is very vital and Sri Umda Packers and Movers team will guide you through it, we got experienced team who have experience as well as knowledge of tackling these tasks, with the carriage full of amenities and guidance on documentations require while shifting your pet from one state to another we will make your pet relocation pleasant as possible.

4. Loading and Unloading: Uniformity while effecting lifting, moving, loading or unloading is necessary for safe and injury free Move. Sri Umda Packers and Movers know this clearly and that's why they educated their team together with the lifting and moving techniques so their team can work together and tune together and achieve a zero risk and breakage move because Loading and Unloading is not all about putting goods and boxes on a plain.

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