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Dungla belongs to Udaipur Division and Chittorgarh Tehsil. This town touches the border of Udaipur and Chittorgarh city. Semaliya Peelakhera, Kishan Kareri, Palod, Biloda, Pirana are some nearby villages and Udaipur, Neemuch, Paratapgarh and Nimbahera are some nearby Cities. Dungla is surrounded by Bhinder from West, Bhadesar and Bhopalsagar from North, Bari Sadri from South. For reaching to a nearby railway station one has to catch up the train from Kanor. You can find 3 Government health center in Dungla near Kalwal, Salera and Sarangpura.

You can find number of temples near and in Dungla –Alva Mata Temple, Shree Bheruji Mandir, Charbuja temple Biloda, Hanuman Ji temple, Mata Ka Mandir, the city is 59 km away Chittorgarh and 366 km away from States Capital, Jaipur. These villages and towns fall in Dungla tehsil : Titarda, Rodji ka Khera, Mangalwar, Gadariyawas, Bheela Khera, Morwan, Pal kheri, Nangpura, Azampura, Bhoot khera, Ghora Kheera, Bihari Pura, Bhatolia Goojran, Nada Khera, Rama Khera, Chaktiya, Nayakhera, Nangawali, Sangariya, Jal Kheri, Hariya kheri, Sameliya Mahadeo, Lothiyana, Sangesara, Arniya, Kumhar Khera, Kareempura, Mohammad Ganj and Sataliyawas.

Sri Umda Packers and Movers Dungla believe that no matter how we widen our working area we never comprise in our excellence and quality of work. It's been 15 years since our incorporation and we can proudly state that we never let our guard down and provided our each and every customer with satisfying moving experience. We have developed certain standards which act us parameters for our operational team while performing so they can accomplish the job within a set quality services. As every move have its own flaws, we try to do pre move survey where we examine the various moving factors which help us in achieving and assessing your move more accurately. To provide assure safety to your property we will also guide you through selecting a suitable moving insurance policy.

1. Household Shifting: Your perfect home needs a perfect partner for its relocation. Sri Umda Packers and Movers provide tailor made moving services which will be performed by proficient and competent team who are well versed with the moving scenarios and deviations and try their best to leave you with the best moving experience. They assist in tip to toe moving services and try to accomplish it by following a systematic shifting approach. We are just call away from a pre move survey where we examine and understand your moving needs and requirement and try to complete a job based on that examination. Your goods will be packed in high quality boxes, moved using latest equipment’s and transported through a vehicle which have GPS tracker so to provide you with on time and safe relocation experience.

2. Pet and Plant relocation: Are you feeling tense and gloomy these days, leaving your home town, family and friends behind and taking a new journey is a tough call, if it's tough for us then think how much it can be for your pet, don't you agree, that's why Sri Umda Packers and Movers brought you with expert team who will convoy you through the paperwork and documentation one has to go through before moving their pet and provide you with comfy, spacious and properly aired out pet carriage which will keep them balanced and composed during the transportation, our expert also handle airways pet relocation. Also you can even keep your pet favourite toy and the carriage so to help you out with relocation nausea. To let your pet adjust to a new location and new place warmly we will also guide you with some tips and tricks.

For providing the valuable care to your treasured plants Sri Umda Packers and Movers Dungla brought you with specially designed plant carriers which will not only keep your plant safe and separate from other goods but also provide them comfort and sturdiness for the safe relocation.

3. Loading and Unloading: Sri Umda Packers and Movers Dungla understand this well that sometime even a good packing material can't do all the work it really takes uniformity and harmonization in work and to bring this into a reality we have trained our team with the required knowledge, so when they perform spur work they can tune and coordinate together, as loading and unloading is not all about putting a stuff in particular spot if you wanna go for safe and effective relocation you should know how to coordinate while carrying out this job. With our proficient team and their efforts we will make sure your cherished goods will be delivered to your door step in the state you have handed us over.

4. Corporate Moving: As a business owner we believe in our team and know what power they hold for us, a great team can bring a glory to a business and we are very grateful for our uncompromised team who never fall back when it comes to providing a good moving service. Our competent team is not only trained for handling your move but also make sure they are able to leave you with effective and safe moving experience. Before we begin with execution we coordinate with your manager and IT team and try to understand your expectation out of move and then formulate a moving plan which can help us in achieving it. We have set up a systematic shifting approach for every kind of move so we can achieve your job without effecting productivity and efficiency of your business.

We also assist corporate units in moving their employee's household stuffs to a new location within scheduled time and expected safety. Our trusted team will pack your employee's goods in high quality material and boxes, use required equipment while moving, loading and unloading for damage free shifting, we got owned moving vehicle and deliver your goods at your door steps on time, so your employee can relax and unreservedly settle to a new place.

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